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Once your comprehensive exam is complete, we will discuss with you treatment needs and we are happy to answer any of your questions. Our goal is to provide needed and appropriate treatment to assist in maintaining your oral health, as it is so important to your overall health.

We treat the spectrum of oral conditions, and work with a team of excellent specialists should we recommend referral. We encourage you to schedule an appointment in order to review any options that would be appropriate for you. Our services are not limited to the following list, but these are more commonly indicated treatments.

We recommend comprehensive care and regular dental visits. At our oral hygiene appointments, we not only clean your teeth and remove tartar (or calculus – which can lead to periodontal disease), but we review strategies to best maintain your dental health. Comprehensive and soft tissue evaluation at a dental hygiene appointment allows diagnosis of any condition that may need to be addressed. Other preventative services often recommended are fluoride treatment and sealants.

Restorative procedures that we provide include composite and amalgam restorations (fillings), veneers, crown and bridge treatment, and implant dentistry. Dental esthetics and cosmetics are very important, and we take great care to achieve the best possible result. We also offer teeth whitening. Each patient has unique needs, so determination as to which type of restoration is recommended will be assessed and planned upon evaluation.

We treat dental emergencies; provide root canal therapy and extractions. Patients who require tooth replacement may be eligible for an implant(s) or for a removable partial or complete denture.

Often, patients report pain in their tempromandibular joint, muscles and teeth as a result of bruxism (clenching and grinding). As appropriate a guard may be indicated to stabilize this situation and prevent further damage to the teeth, muscles and joint.


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